Hospitality Industry Be Environmentally Friendly? Studies Have Essay

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Hospitality Industry be Environmentally Friendly?

Studies have proved that companies and industries that have a negative impact on environment always surpass the industries that support and adopt measures for environmental friendliness. However, it doesn't mean at all that investment in environmental efforts be stopped. It is highly required by the industries to endeavor continuously for an enduring environment. Only then the greatest outcomes could be achieved. The industries that use wise strategies are aware of and completely understand the importance of sustainability as a 'designed production catalyst'. Such industries realize that the sustainability and ecological concerns are in fact opportunities that can be fruitful for a competitive future. Winslow's President, Jackson W. Robinson, acknowledged that "companies that take advantage of environmental opportunities can gain a competitive advantage over their peers through cost reductions, quality improvements, increased profitability and access to new and growing markets" (McPeak, Devirian & Seaman, 2010). In today's contemporary world, there is great emphasis put on environmental preservation. Thus, there is no other choice for the industries and companies other than considering and solving the environmental issues. Such consideration can be helpful for the industries to get valuable profits including future competitive advantages (McPeak et al., 2010).

The question arises that what is Environmental sustainability? It can be described as the outcome of using resources in such a way that they fulfill and satisfy the society's needs and requirements but are not damaged, worn-out or exhausted. These resources must be available to be used by the future generations as well. Our world is currently facing the environmental issues of waste management, water resource management, sustainability, recycling, use and efficiency of energy and other resources ("Current environmental issues").

In this essay, my purpose is to explain whether hospitality industry can be environmentally friendly or not? It is a known fact that tourism industry is growing incessantly day by day. About 35% of the global export services are represented by tourism.
Some developing countries have their economy entirely dependent on tourism. Unluckily, despite of bringing enormous money to the country, the tourism industry also contributes to the damage of ecosystems and natural resources imperil. It also promotes practices of unsustainable utilization of resources. Thus, it is a high time for the hotel industry to realize and understand its responsibilities towards the environment and strive to trim down the environmental blow of international tourism (Zein et al., 2008).

Greener hotels can contribute very effectively for environmental sustainability as they are an integral part of the tourism industry. Tourists and guests at hotels have become more cognizant and mindful regarding the problems prevailing in the environment. People today have now begun to realize and understand the environment in the areas they select for staying in an unfamiliar area. The hospitality industry can make vital efforts to develop and promote best available measures using expertise and technology. This consciousness about environmental protection has helped the hotel management industry to set related policies for daily execution of services. In this view, hotel staff can be considered as 'key greening actors' (Zein et al., 2008).

The hospitality industry can help tremendously in achieving economic sustainability. If practices, for instance, renewable energy sources usage, waste diminution, recycling augmentation, products reuse and efficient water consumption are executed then there is no chance of any environmental depletion. Let's assess the ways by which hospitality industry can be environmentally friendly.

1. Waste should be managed with proper planning. It should be collected, transported, processed, recycled or disposed properly. The food and beverage sector must utilize and dispose food sensibly and….....

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