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Homeschooling Children

Homeschooling of children is a hotly debated issue among many. Homeschooling is a form of education in which parents or others provide educational instruction for children at home rather than entering the children in a traditional public or private school setting. Many children are being educated at home in the United States. Some reports reveal that there are around 1.1 million children receiving their education through homeschooling with a parent, guardian, or tutor.

Reasons Cited for Homeschooling

Stated as common reasons cited by families for homeschooling their children are problems with the school environment. Also cited is lack of satisfaction with the academic instruction provided in schools and others stated reasons including that their children receive moral and religious instruction in the home school setting that they do not receive in public or private schools. It is difficult to report effectively on homeschooling since it is so decentralized in nature however, according to reports, students are realizing high levels of academic achievement when homeschooled.

II. Learning Disabilities and Homeschooling

Reasons for homeschooling cited include that many children with ADHD and other learning disabilities (LD) are benefiting from homeschooling due to the one-on-one instruction in the home school setting.
III. Homeschooling in U.S. History

Reports state that those who advocate for homeschooling have pushed for students to have the legal rights to be schooled in the home school setting. The National Education Association is reported to be opposed to homeschooling. Parenting style is likely to be a determining factor in parents who choose to home school their children. The earliest history of the United States, with families living in rural and remote location includes information about parents educating their children in the home school setting. Many parents historically educated their children at home because they needed assistance with maintaining the family farm and children labored on these farms to help the family survive.

IV. What Is Lacking In Today's Public Schools?

Today's public schools no longer reflect the values of what was conceived as a nation that is democratic and one that is submissive to the overarching principles of the Bible in terms of morality. Today's schools are characterized by a removal of God from all reference in what is….....

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