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" (Lisa Rivero, page 107) Gardner presented eight other ways that parents can use in home schooling. Those eight ways that Gardner presented are showing the child intelligence. Examples and associations are simplifying the learning process. The eight ways of Gardner are: "through words (linguistic intelligence), through numbers and reasoning (logical -- mathematical intelligence), through music (musical intelligence), through pictures (spatial intelligence), through our bodies and movement (bodily -- kinesthetic intelligence), through our relationships with other people (interpersonal intelligence), through knowledge of and a relationship with ourselves (intrapersonal intelligence), and through nature (naturalist intelligence)." (Idem, page 108)

6. Advantages of home schooling

One of the best advantages of homeschooling is that family bonds become stronger. The relationships between sister, brother and parents are becoming closer because they spend the majority of their time together. Through homeschooling parents and children have the possibility to choose when, what and where to learn the information. Also, home school offers the possibility to learn even if one child is in the impossibility not to go at public/private school. For examples, some parents who have children with asthma or various allergies prefer to home school their children for a closer control of these diseases. The homeschooled children are advantaged because they develop their own style of learning, personality and discover their own interest and not being influenced by the others choices.

7. Disadvantages of home schooling

The biggest disadvantage is that one of the parents must stay at home at least half of the day. Due to this the family looses one income, so it may be difficult for them to handle the paying of taxes.
The critics of the home school say that this choice is due to a lack of trust in the children's abilities to handle a public school. Another disadvantage is that the children do not interact with other children who have their ages, and do not have someone to compete with.

8. How much does home schooling cost?

The cost of homeschooling depends on families choices about materials and programs that they are electing. Usually the costs are higher than a public school, but lower than a private school. Of course, the home school can be also free, if the families use the sources from the internet, public libraries, museums etc. The costs are higher when they opting for a certain study program, instead of choosing an independent one which has lower costs. In 2001 "a complete fifth grade program costs $570 from Calvert School, $230 from Alpha Omega Publications, $550 from Clonlara, and $1,400 from Laurel Springs." (Rebecca Kochenderfer, Elizabeth Kanna, page 13) Homeschool for elementary students is lower than for teenagers. Because home school offers children a lot of free time, the parents must take in consideration and the costs of the activities which are taken in order to fill the free time.


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