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Holocaust is a catastrophe orchestrated by Nazi Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. It was an organized and systematic murder with the outcome being the brutal killing of approximately six million innocent Jews during the Word War II (Longerich 2007 p. 29). State involvement in the murder complicates the whole affair as it was contrary to expectations. This was in deep contrast by all standards given the reality among different states that it is the only institution that come to the rescue of the Jews living within the Germany territory. Apart from sponsoring the murder, the state through the leader Adolf Hitler, initiated certain bureaucratic systems that ensure they accomplish the main agenda (murder).

Holocaust means sacrifice by fire and symbolizes the physical and psychological trauma that most families of Jews origin faced. In their quest to execute the common agenda of brutal murder of non-Germans, the Nazi Germany dream emerged as their source of motivation. After ascending to power, Adolf Hitler and his Nazi allies drafted a scheme in January 1933 with a view to wipe out all the Non-Germans living within the German territories. The Jews recorded the highest number of casualties after losing approximately six million of the Jews population to the brutal killings of the Nazis (Longerich 2007 p. 29).

Racial superiority was the main driving force towards execution of the inhumane act on innocent civilians of Jew origin. Other groups considered as racially inferior also followed suit after the mass murder of the Jews. The Roma (Gypsies), Slavic peoples, and the disabled had to face the wrath of German superiority complex during the World War II. The Weekly Nazi Newspaper fueled the war by 1938 by influencing all the Nazis belief that Jews were the misfortune of the German rule. The study establishes certain happenings events during the period of the disaster (Longerich 2007 p. 29).

Holocaust (also called Ha-Shoah) refers to the period that lasted between January 30, 1933 and May 8, 1945. Adolf Hitler became a chancellor of Germany at the start of World War II. Family members of the Jews origin suffered huge losses owing to the atrocious killings mated upon their own by the German administration (Longerich 2007 p. 29). According to the Anti-Semetic Nazi Law, it was inevitable for all Jews wiped out of Germany with only one son remaining whilst the entire household was widely expected to face one of the brutal killings in the history of World War. To underscore the weight of holocaust, every member of the Jewish family remained vigilant about possible loses in future. The event that broke out in 1933 resulted in death of over six million Jews despite their plea with Hitler and allies only consider those who were defiant of the Nazi philosophy and rule. Thus, it beat logic when a government through its Nazi allies decides to murder over six million people without a clear motive of doing so (Longerich 2007 p. 29).

The event was catastrophic owing to the large number of people (six million Jews) lost their lives during the war. The main driving force did not match the expectation of the larger society. It was one of the most traumatizing moments in the history of a world war of such magnitude. A scenario of six million dead beings can be quite traumatizing hence the event was simply catastrophic (Gitlin 2011 p. 6). Racial superiority is one of fundamental factors that spearheaded Nazi German to execute the brutal murder of innocent civilians of Jewish origin. The happenings have since divided the world along racial, ethnic, or religious lines. Even as Nazis murdered harmless Jews, it was part of the wider scheme to wipe out Jews population from existence. Apart from the six million Jews, thousands others disabled and those belonging to smaller ethnic groups or religion lost their lives (Gitlin 2011 p. 6).

Investigations into the happenings in Holocaust reveals the most disastrous or catastrophic event in the history of humanity. Although state had a hand into the happenings, the number of casualties is overwhelmingly high. Apparently, over six million Jews lost their lives during the vicious murder organized by Nazi Germany under the stewardship of Adolf Hitler. Disaster Sociology has predominantly gained popularity in the United States, Germany and Italy. Hence, the event in Holocaust is disaster Sociology (Gitlin 2011 p. 6).

Sociology plays significant role as far as the incident is concerned.
Sociology as a discipline focuses on human society, its origin, organizations, development and institutions. This discipline shall attempt to explore the origin of the Nazi Germany society and Jews among other minority groups living in Germany and its territories (Gitlin 2011 p. 6). It would further explore the organization between different communities and groups occupying Germany or its territories. As far as the event of the World War II is concerned, it would be prudent for sociologists to survey the origin of different groups, organizations, and institutions involved in the war directly or even indirectly. In addition, sociology would explain better the people or groups that perished as well as the survivors whilst taking into account race, class, age, gender, or disability (Gitlin 2011 p. 6). The greatest casualties of the entire Nazi plot were the Jews having lost over six million. Other groups such as the disabled and those from minority ethnic groups suffered immensely in the hands of Nazis. During the Holocaust, German authorities mainly targeted the minority groups due to their perceived racial inferiority. The Roma, the disabled, and the Slavic fell under the most disadvantaged group apart from the Jews. Other groups faced constant persecution based on their political, ideological, or behavioral aspects, which included the Communists, Socialists, and Jehovah's Witnesses (Gitlin 2011 p. 6).

The Nazi tyranny spread to other nations across Europe. The Germans in collaboration with their allies persecuted or even murdered about three million Soviet prisoners of war (Bruhn 2011). Apart from murder, a considerable number died of starvation, disease, or maltreatment. Some parts of the social structure would treat the inhumane action taken by the Nazi Germans as reckless and insensitive considering the reality that every group and organization should always respect the fundamental rights of others without showing any forms of discrimination based on whatever grounds (Bruhn 2011). The Nazi Germany took advantage of the minority group as they were powerless hence attacked but could not lodge retaliatory attacks. The society has suffered a major blow following mysterious loss of an overwhelming number of Jews during the Second World War. The Jews who died were never casualties of the fighting during the war, rather victims of Nazis deliberate attempt to annihilate the entire Jewish population in Europe (Bruhn 2011).

On a typical day of an apocalypse, there is a likelihood of having things in a different aspect unlike any other normal day. The routine by the victims, witnesses, alongside survivors to the apocalypse has to be different considering they will be in a state of shock. A number of things that happen on an apocalypse have a great influence on the people living within the radius hit by the disaster. Sometimes most individuals tend to flee given the fact that they cannot stand the site on the post disaster. In accordance to the results after the holocaust, it is evident that the survivors had so much that they witnessed in that it caused them posttraumatic reaction (Bialas, 2012).

The scenes of dead bodies in the area must have heightened the degree of grief amongst the survivors on the post-disaster. The scene is unbearable in that no matter how hard the holocaust survivors try to forget it is a guarantee that they will have images of the massacre. The typical day is completely going to be unbearable keeping in mind that the scenes of the massacre are intolerable (Bialas, 2012). Holocaust survivors have to ensure that they live with the horrible sight of bloodshed and dead bodies of family as well as friends making the post-disaster day intensely horrendous.

Preventing the event might have been rather difficult keeping in mind that there were laws in place against the Jews. In addition to that, a state policy resulted to the holocaust making it unavoidable. Sources confirm that despite the opposition that the German faced from the Jews, the decision was not to influence the apocalypse (Bialas, 2012). There is a slight arguable possibility that the situation stood a chance of deterrence since there was desperate rebellion from a number of individuals in the ghetto. If at that time, the Jews were in a position to control the desperate rebellious group of individuals from the ghetto then the there would be a possibility of an avoidance of the situation.

After the apocalypse, most countries still turned down Jews immigrants living the survivors of the holocaust had.....

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