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Historical Issues In Modern Education

There are numerous issues seeded in a Greek civilization, rooting down to the contemporary world; for instance Gender Equity, home schooling, Pledge of allegiance, Unions and collective bargaining just to name a few. Each of the issues would be addressed in due course.

Most notably gender bias as practiced by the Greeks is the major parasitical issue in all avenues of education. A study commissioned by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) in 1991 claims that girl don't receive as much attention and are not put into challenging situations like complex and abstract questioning, as compared to boys, in an average school (Woodward, 1998). Moreover, countable school books portray "stereotypical" image of women. These books are void of any acknowledgements of the abilities and achievements of women altogether. This has also been hinted by Cahill in the chapter Warrior: how to fight and also in numerous other instances, in course of his narration, emphasizing the insignificance and inability of women. Second big issue is insensitivity towards students with disabilities. Formerly, teachers were reluctant and even hostile on the issue of including slow learners and disables to the mainstream classroom contents. Teachers primarily, chose to maintain standardized approach and at times made "superficial" changes to assignments rather than molding them by keep the learning capabilities in mind. As mentioned before, the Greeks were stubborn, authoritative and intelligent. Being a slow learner was sin enough to outdo teaching the subject. (Yeager, 2003). Another deplorable concern in the modern education scenario is school violence; comprising of juvenile delinquency, bullies and victims by gender and grade, sexual harassment, dating related violence, terrorism, drugs etc. making the ancient Greek practice of Mandatory student community service inevitable, in shape of School-based violence prevention program, involving student reps, school personnel and parents for the prevention of such vices from taking place. Moreover the problem of diversity and multiculturalism as faced by the vast Greek civilization is ever expanding its horizons in the world today. Constricting the globe into overlapped foci of semantics and cultures, this issue comes in with new challenges of interacting with people from the far off land. Along with accelerating the learning process, it paces up the growth of language and flexibility of semantics and increases the dependency of coordination and correlation than ever before.
Similar to the past practices, a standardized and global acknowledgement of ones academic qualifications is required by modern students. For this, certificates and acknowledgement are awarded to students. In turn they aim for more acceptable acknowledgements. This issue is perpetually considered and revised by educationalists world wide to create a more standardized, fair and globally acceptable certification system like The Scholastic Assessment Test and the GRE. These are taken for authentic assessment of students from diverse backgrounds.


With time, the folio of challenges faced by contemporary educationalists is broadening with great dynamism. While attempting to eliminate the inhibitors plugging down its smooth sailing, we have an ideal hypothesis to analyze in shape of Greek Civilization. Through it we can consider the root cause of most issues that are still prevalent and find ways of curbing the problems passed down by Greek heritage simply, by changing our perspectives for sake of survival and success.


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Gender bias in education means treating boys and girls differently at school. (Woodward, 1998).....

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