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Historic development of professional associations

Historical development of professional associations:

National Association of Social Workers

Why the association was formed

In the postwar era, the need for social workers increased, with the rise of industrialization and the return of veterans to the home front. Counseling, adjusting to a new way of life, and the demands of a rapidly-changing society all necessitated the construction of social work as a viable profession. The National Association of Social Workers was established in 1955. It was created to consolidate seven organizations in the field, including the American Association of Social Workers (AASW), the American Association of Psychiatric Social Workers (AAPSW), the American Association of Group Workers (AAGW), the Association for the Study of Community Organization (ASCO), the American Association of Medical Social Workers (AAMSW), the National Association of School Social Workers (NASSW), and the Social Work Research Group (SWRG). It is one of the leading associations of social workers in the world, boasting more than 150,000 members (History of the NASW, 2011, NASW).

The NASW was designed to establish professional legitimacy and support for the counseling profession, and to create ethical standards for all involved in social work. The diversity of organizations encompassed within its original outreach reflects the continued diversity of the profession. Because social workers operate in such a wide variety of professional contexts, it is essential to ensure that they have a common framework of reference, when confronted with the unexpected or ethical dilemmas. The NASW defines the essential values of the organization as service, social justice, dignity and worth, relationships, integrity, and competence.
Social workers can serve in a variety of settings, including schools, medical settings, and even at for-profit corporations. They can serve a variety of populations, spanning from the poor, the mentally ill, the elderly, to specific in-house populations (like corporate workers and members of the military). Because of this diversity, a cohesive organization like the NASW is very valuable to give a sense of consistency of mission and standards (Helping social workers serve the nation, 2011, NASW).

Today, according to its website: "NASW's primary functions include promoting the professional development of its members, establishing and maintaining professional standards of practice, advancing sound social policies, and providing services that protect its members and enhance their professional status. The Association developed and adopted the NASW Code of Ethics and other generalized and specialized practice standards" (History of the NASW, 2011, NASW). The organization is structured as follows: there is a national, centralized umbrella organization with 56 regional chapters (Helping social workers serve the nation, 2011, NASW). Because social work may vary from state to state in terms of laws, regulations and the challenges faced by social workers, the structure allows for consistent national authority paired with the ability to suit regional needs and challenges. Membership is most heavily concentrated the high-population states of California and New York, which have large urban populations. Membership is lowest in rural states in the Midwest and southeast (Helping social workers serve the nation, 2011, NASW).

Why the association was formed

The association was formed to provide greater coherency and consistency of….....

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