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Histology is the study of animal and plant tissues. Tissues are defined as cells with their ground substance acting together in the performance of a particular function. An organ is an aggregation of tissues that occur and function together to provide a division of labor. Epithelial tissue covers body's surface and most of the inner cavity. It also provides the essential functions of protection; containment of body fluids and transport in and out across body surfaces. Connective tissue is quite diverse and is not as cellular as other types of tissue.Connective tissue provides stiffness to the body (bone) and helps the body withstand tension, stress and shearing (twisting) forces.

The basic difference between connective tissue structure and epithelial structure are the following: 1) Cells of connective tissue are not directly attached to one another unlike epithelial cells; 2) Connective tissue is derived from mesenchyme unlike epithelial tissue which is derived from ectoderm (external layer of cells) and….....

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