Feminist Issues and Motherhood Concepts Essay

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For example,

Shante represented herself (falsely) as Dr. Roxanne Shanteb, a psychologist with a graduate degree from Cornell University. In reality, she attended only a portion of one semester at Marymount Manhattan College. She had claimed to have attended Cornell under a different name because of a domestic violence situation but never provided any evidence to suggest that she actually attended the university.

Lauren Hill provides a much more positive and legitimate image of urban motherhood and community consciousness. She has been actively involved in charitable organizations and causes and is a recipient of a 1996 award by Essence magazine for her involvement in various initiatives such as founding the Refugee Project, for supporting voter registration efforts in Harlem, and for helping to build clean water wells in Kenya and Uganda.
Ultimately, all four of these female artists have contributed to the empowerment of females with respect to overcoming male subjugation in the Hip Hop genre as well as in the reality of urban communities. For this, they all deserve commendation regardless….....

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