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The utility of these sessions can be important as it will provide a platform for interacting with the physician regarding prescribed medicines; guidance for remembering to adhere to appropriate drug regimen and suggestions for tackling difficulties related to taking medicines for instance missed dosages, side effects, and drug interactions. ("Activities for priority groups and settings," n. d.) iii) Support Programs: Religious gathering and other memberships groups are preferably located to present education and support programs. In certain cases, High BP control exercises can also be included into available groups. For instance, a meal function can consist of food prepared from recipes in the DASH Eating Plan, a team of elderly people could watch through a film regarding high blood pressure during a particular meeting and make program for a health walk during another occasion; and one more auxiliary could organize a support group. The DASH Eating plan could be effective as it emphasizes on lowering salt and sodium and can contribute towards maximum lowering in BP and might assist in prevention of high BP. ("Activities for priority groups and settings," n. d.) iv) Healthy cooking demonstrations and food-tasting events: The known risk factors of modern lifestyle follow towards the mass prevalence of blood pressure increase during adulthood as well as of high blood pressure. These factors of risk are calorie imbalance, high salt intake as well resulting in obesity, high dietary sodium/potassium ratio, and taking high alcohol. Cooking exhibitions and programs involving food-tasting could be applied. (Stamler, 1991) Cooking exhibitions and programs involving food-tasting could be observed to be used effectively in the Community Heart Health Programs. Chefs from local restaurants can present cooking demonstrations regarding the process of cooking low-fat, low-sodium, and low cholesterol foods which are good to taste. Presence of a nutritionist to answer questions from the audience would help it make a lively and interactive one. In an event - Chili Challenge, local participants can help cook their favorite low-fat, low-sodium chili recipe and take part in competition for prizes for the best tasting chili which is healthy for the heart also. ("Activities for priority groups and settings," n. d.) v) Develop community programs: Lack of access to the health care providers and medical care would lead to uncontrolled level of high blood pressure. So efforts need to be made to make the health care system accessible for all. Programs should be targeted for Nigerian Diaspora who would be more likely to develop high blood pressure and those having limited accessibility to health care. Incentives could be provided for monthly screenings provided by Nigerian Organizations and discount could be provided for the high-risk group of Nigerian Diaspora within hospitals. Further successful community programs should be made convenient for Nigerian Diaspora and conducted in a culturally sensitive method.

A vi) Other Health Options: There could be provision of appealing, safe and easy opportunities for exercise by improving access to parks, walking trails and bike paths that research has revealed to be a useful means for enhancing physical activity in the general population. It is important to urge people to use stairs as an alternative to riding the elevators. ("Controlling High Blood Pressure," n. d.) vii) Promoting School Health Program: School health programs that maintain or enhance physical education classes and offer healthful foods in cafeterias and vending machines should be promoted. Fruitful campaigns can be undertaken in which children can write letters requesting an important adult in their life to give up smoking or help in controlling high BP. For instance a project in Tennessee made use of the contest format to evoke maximum participation by the children and cooperation from the important adults. Winners in each age bracket were chosen by a panel of members and employees of health department. The most important part of the contest is that the children will mail the letter or deliver them in person to their important adult. The contest winners will each get a cash award and a certificate during a special awards ceremony. Another important school event can be conducting a 'Youth Poster Contest" with the theme as High BP is a family affair. Project staff can work closely with the teachers in these schools to provide students with the background information to help in the preparation of posters based on facts related to the theme. A lesson plan concentrating on hypertension can be taught to students in ninth and tenth grade health education and art classes. The posters can be judged on the basis of criteria suited to the occasion, originality, creativity and neatness and the winners can be found out from the highest scores.
("Activities for priority groups and settings," n. d.) vii) Assistance of the American Heart Association: Awareness can be made through the American Heart Association -- AHA dial no. 9-1-1 for any eventuality of life and death emergencies. In case of any warning signs of heart attack, one can immediately call the number and the victim can benefit from new medications and treatments which were absent in the past. For instance, cost-busting medications can end some heart attacks and strokes that have started, lowering disability and saving of lives. However to be effective these drugs are required to be administered almost immediately on the onset of symptoms of a heart attack or stroke first appear. The 9-1-1 is nearly the quickest method to get a lifesaving treatment. Emergency medical staff can start with the treatment on arrival till an hour sooner compared to if someone gets to the hospital by car. (American Heart Association, 2007)

The American Stroke Association states the warning signs of a stroke as (i) unexpected numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, particularly on one portion of the body (ii) sudden confusion, difficulty in speaking or comprehending (iii) sudden difficulty in vision in one or both the eyes. (iv) sudden trouble in gait, problems in balance or coordination etc. (v) severe headache without any cause. In case someone is laid with these signs, one can call [HIDDEN] or the emergency medical service so that an ambulance equipped with a life support systems can be dispatched. (American Heart Association, 2007) Other organizations and people could be made to involve in these efforts of creating awareness about this deadly disease.

3. Advice you would give the agencies on ways to implement your platform program:

To implement my platform program various coordinating agencies have a contributory role to play. They have a role to play in reducing the number of people with high blood pressure and increasing the number of people who have high blood pressure under control. The agencies can (i) bring visibility to the problem of high BP. (ii) help in implementation of policies and incentives in order to make heath choices simpler (iii) concentrate on groups those who are at high risk for high BP and (iv) promote coverage for and use of preventive health services. (iv) Appreciate the burden that high BP puts and the consequential complications on the state in terms of lost productivity and medical costs. Besides, helping in development of assessment tools for tracking blood pressure treatment and control rates within the population in case they do not exist. (vi) Highlighting educational materials regarding high BP in the offices of the agencies in the form of display boards. (vii) Making awareness programs regarding the incidence of high BP. One should make certain that the clients are aware regarding the major risks that high BP poses and that they can take measures to control their blood pressure. In order to promote visibility for high BP statewide support awareness campaigns regarding blood pressure screening are needed. Ensuring education and support for health care providers in order to encourage the application of treatments based on science. Working with local American Heart Association so as to organize a Blood Pressure Challenge between various groups to find out which group possess the lowest average blood pressure in the state and give wide publicity to the same. (viii) Focusing on High Risk Groups: Provide blood pressure screening programs concentrated on high risk groups like African-American and elderly Americans, in health care environments, senior centers and religious organizations. ("The Itacha Free Clinic," n. d.)

The Itacha Free Clinic -- IFC which started operations during Jan 2006 offers completely free integrative health and wellness services, combining complementary wellness services including complementary alternative and mainstream medicine. The clinic is a total health centre offering preventive and immediate primary care. Besides, there are professional services provided by the volunteer staff of doctors, herbalists, message therapists and other care givers. I have volunteer service to the Ithaca Free Clinic and helped in the creation of a hypertension brochure for the education of the patients. Besides, I was also trained to read various medical readings of patients and made application of the automatic blood pressure machine to calibrate patient's blood pressure levels. The assignment of the Ithaca Free Clinic is propelled by the commitment of the….....

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