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Most of us have a general notion of what heroism is or who are the heroes or heroines. The idea has always been those overwhelming acts of courage and selflessness that are the stuffs of headline news and befitting accolade from society. But not all heroes or acts of heroism make headlines or even become "viral" on the Internet. There are everyday heroes who chose to stand on the sidelines, do whatever they can and disappear into oblivion. Then there are those who are but ordinary people living their simple lives and extraordinary circumstances came their way that saw them springing into action and doing heroic deeds. I have witnessed several heroes in my life -- both the acclaimed and unsung ones. I could never forget though when I was only ten years old and I saw my first real life hero. I was with my friends in the playground one summer afternoon.
The playground was near a busy railroad track that one could tell the time by the trains passing through. So there we were -- my friends and I, playing our favorite games and minding our own business when suddenly we heard a loud cry, "Help me, help me, I'm stuck in the tracks." Looking towards the source of the distressing call, we saw that the town bum was right on the railroad tracks and could not move because his right foot was stuck in one of the wooden beams. He was scared and nervous and no matter what he did, he could not get his foot off the beam. Now this person may be inconsequential because he basically was our local neighborhood bum living on the streets and getting meals from the local….....

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