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Antiviral treatment is used in some cases, especially for treating Hepatitis C, but many of the side effects of this treatment are similar to the symptoms of hepatitis itself, and can become so life threatening that such treatments must be discontinued in some cases. In cases where treatment is absolutely needed but antiviral treatments either will not adequately address the cause of the disease or is deemed too dangerous, the only real option for treatment is a liver transplant -- when symptoms are bad enough to cause immediate concerns for health and quality of life, the liver is often too damaged for the body to repair it. It is for this reason that hepatitis often goes untreated; the complications of a liver transplant can themselves be life-threatening and lead to ongoing health problems, making it hardly preferable to most mild cases of hepatitis despite the chronic nature of the disease.The prevention of hepatitis is, for reasons outlined above, far easier than treating the disease once it develops. The use of intravenous drugs is a common way for the transfer of viral forms of the disease -- not using these drugs or ever sharing needles with others is a solid way of preventing the spread of infections. In a similar fashion, practicing safe sex is another method of prevention, and generally taking care of one's liver by avoiding alcohol and drug abuse will also increase one's ability to fend of the progression of the disease.


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