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Health Culture

What is complementary/alternative medicine and how does it differ from the traditional Western approach?

Complementary medicine and alternative medicine include any treatment interventions that do not fall within the accepted rubric of the American Medical Association and related institutions. The term complementary medicine suggests that such interventions can be used in conjunction with allopathic interventions, whereas alternative medicine suggests that some patients prefer to eschew pharmacological and related allopathic interventions in favor of other forms of treatment. Mistakenly called Western medicine, allopathic medicine is practices as much in Asia and the East as it is in the West.

However, many cultures around the world including Western societies acknowledge the relevance and role that homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, herbs, and other treatments play in healing. Many so-called alternative medicine and complementary medicine treatments have been scientifically studied. The main difference between complementary and alternative medicine and traditional medicine is that the latter is funded and supported by the pharmaceutical industries.
Doctors that shun complementary and alternative medicine are dwelling deep within the pockets of the pharmaceutical industries.

Another difference between alternative or complementary medicine and allopathic medicine is that the latter is designed mainly to treat symptoms rather than underlying causes. Patients have come to expect quick-fix solutions, which is why allopathic medicine is popular. However, allopathic medicine is effective for only a narrow range of medical problems.

2. What are your views on the use of complementary/alternative medicine?

Alternative and complementary medicine encourage lifestyle changes that can eliminate the root causes of most preventable illnesses. As for severe problems, allopathic medicine should be used in conjunction with alternative approaches: thus, complementary medicine is usually the best means of treatment for almost any illness. However, in most cases,….....

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