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Healing hospital provides its patients with a safe environment in terms of healing qualities that are related with interpersonal care and healthy interaction between health care providers and patients. It creates an environment that recognizes, supports and promotes the self healing abilities of the patients. A healing hospital helps the patients to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. In addition to technical competency such a hospital provides its patients with kindness, compassion, spirituality and relationship. (Zarren 1-5)

The increase in technical advancements in the field of health and medicine has enabled the health care providers to understand and treat almost all the diseases but it has been proved by a number of evidences that if the element of kindness, compassion, understanding, care and relationship are not present between the care taker and the one whose being taken care of then an influential element of healing is left behind. If the elements of spirituality are integrated in the health care and the reality of therapeutic relations are being maintained between the health care providers and receivers then this can improve the effectiveness of health care system to great impacts. In addition to that, this combination can also elevate the level of satisfaction of the patients, the staff and the doctors as well. ("Spiritual Care Matters" 13)

Components of Healing Hospitals

A healing hospital is quite different from a general brick and mortar hospital. There are three main components of a healing hospital. These components are listed below; (Eberst 1-3)

A Healing Physical Environment

Healing hospitals have an environment in which the staff members, who fulfill the responsibility of care givers, not only take care of the patients but they also interact and engage with the families of the patients. A loving, pleasing, aesthetic and compassionate environment is being created in the healing hospitals; as such an environment promotes effective healing process. A healing environment enables the patients and the families to manage and handle the stress and depression that is associated with illness. Noise is a barrier that hinders the healing process the most. A healing hospital provides its patients with quite and peaceful environment so that they can get plenty of sleep as the human body performs most of the healing functions during sleep and cells also generate faster at that time. (Eberst 1-3)

In such an environment cleaning machines are equipped with silencers in order to prevent them from making excessive noise.
Overhead paging is avoided and is used only in case of emergencies in such an environment. In addition to that, nurses and other staff members carry wireless phones to stay in connection with the doctors, patients and the families of the patients. Such a noise free and comfortable healing environment not only facilitates the healing process of the patients but it also leads toward the development of a stress less and comfortable environment for the doctors and other employees and hence there is a reduction in the degree to which the staff members may incur an error. (Eberst 1-3)

Integrating Work Design and Technology

A second influential and basic component of a healing hospital is the proper integration and alignment of work design with technology. The hospital is structured and designed in a way that it enables its workers to work efficiently and effectively. It also provides the patients with elevated level of both security and privacy. In addition to that, technology is also used by the healing hospitals in way that it promotes and enhances the healing environment. (Eberst 1-3)

The hospitals are equipped with elevators to enable the patient and the staff to navigate through the hospitals. In addition to that, equipments are used in such a manner that the privacy of the patients is secured. For example, the Mercy Gilbert hospital is equipped with back door elevators so that the patients going for radiology might not have the threat of being confronted by a neighbor and hence their privacy is secured. (Eberst 1-3)

Healing hospitals generally use technologically advanced medical equipment in order to provide their patients with high quality care and satisfactory results. In addition to that, healing hospitals provide their patients with in room entertainment….....

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