Healing Hospital: The Development of a New Essay

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Healing Hospital:

The development of a new hospital basically incorporates an emphasis on the number of beds, location of each department, number of employees and the total cost of the building project. While these considerations are important, the planning of the development of a healing hospital is focused on ensuring that the facility will be a reflection of a healing environment. The healing hospital not only provides patient with a safe and comfortable environment while reminding the employees that they chose health care as a line of work but it also promotes a healing culture. The focus on creating a healing environment and healing culture is based on the fact that a healing hospital goes beyond the bricks, mortar and glass that were used to build the facility. A healing hospital has three major components which are:

A Healing Physical Environment:

The healing hospital not only takes into consideration how patients will be cared for but it also focuses on the staffs as caregivers and how it would engage with families. A loving, compassionate and aesthetically lovely environment promotes healing in a healing hospital (Eberst, n.d.). Such environments are constructed in ways that enable patients and families to deal with the stresses of illness. One of the major ways with which a healing hospital can have a physical healing environment is through the provision of a quite location that allows patients to sleep. This is because of the fact that a patient's body performs most of the repair during sleep as cells re-produce faster during this period.

Integration of Work Design and Technology:

This is the second major component of a healing hospital since it enables staff to work more effectively in collaboration with designers. The integration of work design and technology enables the hospital's staff to offer additional privacy and security for patients and promote the healing environment. For most patients, the dignity of preserving their privacy during the stressful period of illness is very important and central to their healing.
By utilizing technologically advanced equipments, a healing hospital provides the best health care services and speed up processes and results. Moreover, through such equipments, the process of decision-making and treatment by physicians is also accelerated.

Culture of Radical Loving Care:

Embracing a culture of radical loving care throughout the hospital is also a critical component of a healing hospital. Without the commitment to this culture of radical loving care by the employees, the development of a healing hospital is next to impossible regardless of the artwork, technology and beautiful hospital facility. This culture is a critical component to a healing hospital since it boosts patients' healing through a holistic approach that meets their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Additionally, the culture of radical loving care also reminds health care providers of the reason why they chose the health care industry.

Relation to Spirituality:

The development of a healing physical environment and a culture of radical loving care is dependent on the religious beliefs and practices of the patient. In order for the health care workers in the healing hospital to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient, they need to be conscious of the patient's religious beliefs and practices. In most cases, physicians are usually trained to diagnose and treat diseases with little or no training regarding the spiritual aspect of the patient (McCormick, 2010). This is regardless of the fact that religious beliefs and practices are central to the lives and healing of many patients who are seeking medical care. However, it's important for physicians not to impose their beliefs on patients because of the divergent religious beliefs and practices.

Spirituality has been discovered to be one of the major factors that positively affect a patient's potential health because the body, mind and spirit work as one. Whereas the physician may have opposing religious beliefs and practices, they should allow their personal bias to hinder them from appreciating the probability that religion and religious beliefs are….....

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