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In fact, the Second Amendment is a crucial constitutional clause that protects the rights of citizens to rise up against the government in extreme political situations. The Second Amendment has been taken too far out of context.

Cornell (2006) states, "Ironically, the Second Amendment, does not prohibit robust gun regulation, it compels it. Without government regulation there would have been no Minuteman to muster on the town greens at Lexington and Concord." The Second Amendment can be reframed as "an obligation citizens owed to their government and communities to contribute to public defense," (Cornell 2006). Unfortunately, gun control has become a staunch states' rights issue and does not allow for a sensible national consensus. The push towards liberalized gun control promoted by powerful lobbying groups like the NRA reached a peak in the 20th century even though permissive carrying concealed weapons laws have increased, rather than decreased, rates of crime in the United States (Legal Community Against Violence 2010). Idealy, the 21st century will be the era for more intelligent gun control: the kind that honors the idealism inherent in the Second Amendment.


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