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Ground Rules Charter (outine . Q1 8 compulsory) Our goals: (required) • What team accomplish? Our ground rules: (required) 1. Other class, attempt meet? (E.g. time, ?) 2. Where meetings place? (E.

Group assignment

Our goal

The scope of the formed team is to improve the overall academic performances of the team members. The members seek to improve their overall grades and to better prepare for the next exam session. In order to attain this goal, we will focus on the course materials and we will study them, but we will also go deeper with adjacent research in other sources in order to deepen our understanding of different concepts, theories, models and so on.

Meetings' schedule

The main meetings will take place in class, but we will also meet in the evenings. Meetings will normally take place on Tuesday and Thursday nights and will last for an estimated two or three hours.
We will avoid meetings during the weekend, when the team members might have other plans, and even meetings on Mondays and Fridays; Wednesday are options for reorganizations in case of such needs.

Location of the meetings

The meetings will take place in the dorm rooms, in the special area designed for studying or lounging. The setting of the meetings will be rather casual, and the information would be exchanged in a familiar manner. When this location is occupied, the meetings could take place in the rooms of certain team members, who have the possibility to host the meetings. The meetings will never take place in the library, as we will need to interact and will not be able to maintain the silence necessary in this facility.

Missing meetings

Team members are expected to come to all meetings, especially to those when they play a central part, such as it was their.....

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