Greek History World Civilizations Essay

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Greek History World Civilizations

What made the Greek civilization so great? What made the Greeks so great?

Greeks are the most famous and advance people around the world. There are so many areas and variety of things that makes this country and nation so rich and lively. The Greeks has a great history due to having great philosophers, socialist, wars, kings, food, outfits, culture, and great thinkers.

The history of Greek civilization is very rich and deep, it can be dated back to 300 B.C. The nation is entirely long and vast.

It was the first civilization in Europe. This part of the world was developed near the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea. It is also considered as the birthplace of democracy as per several popular scholars, nations and authors of the world in the history.

The Greek is the first democratic country over the earth. The idea of democracy was implemented in a simple way. Athens was the first city ruled under democratic policies and laws. Almost 500 people were selected from the population of 30,000 citizens for the purpose of controlling and running the city and its operations on a small amount of wages and salary every month. They were allowed to take decision, passed laws for the purpose of serving the jury and people by establishing parliament.


Ancient Greek was the first civilization and democracy all over the world.
The history of Greek civilization is long back to 4000 years back over the earth. Greeks developed, introduced and established several institutions and departments so nicely in the fields of culture, art, philosophy, architecture, democracy and Olympic Games.

Due to these levels of developments and establishments, it can be observed that this civilization is long and old. Today, many philosophers, historians also conclude that several nations and countries are following the method of developments which are introduced by Greeks.

The Greeks is the first civilization around the globe because they hold the first penal and civil law code to Draco. The famous poet as well as statesman also worked in Athens on the designation of Draco or as a Draco named Solon. He was selected as a first Archon in the 594 B.C. Today, Archon is named as prime minister of the country. The main difference between prime minister and Archon was the duration of Archon. He was selected on annual basis for performing functions such as army control, priest services, executive and judicial controls etc. Cleisthenes introduced profound reforms in 510 B.C; this significance step pushed and realized the existence of democracy as a system of government first time in the world.


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