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Grant Proposal for: Euel Corbin Foundation -- Mind the Cure

Living With Brain Cancer Research Program

Methods utilized in this initiative include community support collaborative research methods which serve to compile data and milestones achieved in assisting the individuals and their families living with brain cancer. Because the prognosis for brain cancer is that of near-certain eventual death in those with the disease, there is no way to measure specific 'outcomes' however, milestones can be measured through setting realistic and achievable supports for the patient and their family to assist them through the transitions of the path of health trajectory of those living with brain cancer and even in the course of the death of the patient. In addition, this initiative is of the nature that will provide supports for the patient's family following the death of the patient and will attempt to assist these individuals with the grieving process and in getting on with their lives through helping them cope with their loss.


The strategies that will be used to effectively achieve the goals set out in this initiative include very highly optimized and technology enabled collaborative efforts among various community agencies and offices of government that provide assistance in various forms. Included will be area hospitals, clinics, participating doctors and staff, online support and resource directory, brain injury resources, books and brochures, and an online family helpline.

This initiative will utilize government grant funding and charitable contributions to support the services offered by the program.
Included will be fund-raising events such as marathons and other forms of raising funds including in local schools and businesses in the areas within the region of provision of these services and throughout the United States.

Charitable contributions will be utilized to buy advertisements for the purpose of spreading the news of the work of this initiative familiarizing everyone with who the program is and what the program seeks to do to assist patients and their families living with brain cancer.

Included in the program are plans for events that will bring individuals living with brain cancer and their families together with other individuals living with brain cancer as well as the families of these other individuals. This will connect those with common concerns and experiences together. The resource website will contain self-reported case study information submitted by individuals living with cancer and their families which relates the programs accomplishments, the reaching of milestones or goals and the overall assistance given by this program during the course of the life and ultimately the death of individuals living with brain cancer.

The philosophical roots of the program are based upon what is known as "Living in the Moment" a perspective that is related in the work of Klinkenberg on a St. Petersburg artists by the name of 'Woo' and who is living with brain cancer. Woo's technique in coping with brain cancer? Quite simply, Woo lives 'in the moment' painting fish and thinking….....

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