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Additionally, after 9/11, "the FAA engineers and scientists addressed the flammability of fuel tanks by developing a practical inerting system, eventually resulting in a regulation that mandates flammability reduction in systems," (Dorr 2008). The FAA has been very crucial in research and development of systems that make airplanes safer for consumers and businesses by eliminating some of the threats that were seen in the 9/11 attacks.

Moreover, the Transportation Security Administration has been crucial in post 9/11 security strategies revolving around travel. This agency has responsibility over both commercial and passenger flights, with agents being responsible for inspection of baggage and cargo (Transportation Security Administration 2012). Agents work around the world to ensure that the same level of security experienced here in the United States is also seen abroad. According to research, members of this agency "serve as transportation security liaisons" who are responsible of ensuring safe travel and catching any potential threats in airports and international travel hubs before they can reach the extreme consequences that were witnessed on the tragic morning of September 11, 2001. The agency is known for its collaborative strategies that work with other American government agencies, as well as foreign governments and organizations, to ensure a certain quality of security measures protect American citizens around the globe.
Their actions have changed the way every citizen flies. They now have a greater standard of security check points before going on a flight and have created new regulations that are meant to protect American citizens from future danger in the air.


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