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Often, an expanded market means that a company will need to undertake a strong marketing strategy based upon thorough research in order to see how the expansion would affect another market. The problem is, not all companies wish to do so because not all are good or successful at this undertaking. Yet again, if a company wishes to stay competitive, make its profits year after year, and enjoy a general lengthy business life, it will have to embrace the risks and rewards of globalizing its enterprises.

Hotels, the stalwarts of globalizing tourism, will be among them first affected by increasing competition. Hotel staff, unlike in the past, must thus undertake learning various concepts through which it can face any circumstance. With expanding one's business, especially a hotel, comes an awareness towards the working habits of other countries. One must thus tailor rules and regulations to the people of that country. This, again, takes research and specialized staff, which can cost money. In the 21st century, hotel will have to learn the different management styles necessary for all kinds of culture, however, as they no longer have a choice to be ignorant. They must do so in order to understand all aspects of the environment in which a hotel operates, and the staff must be prepared for any eventuality.

In addition to extensive training that comes with expansion, a company will have to invest in technology, for this is the true way in which such a business can stay in the game, so to speak.
The internet can link so many people so quickly and it is especially true that in the hospitality industry, especially with regards to hotels, people are booking more and more online. Globalization, needless to say, affects all parts of the hospitality industry. This paper has given concrete examples, and has expanded on both positive and negative aspects of globalization. While the positive aspects involve expansion, more revenue, and a diverse staff and location, the negative aspects come at a high cost. A company may not be prepared, financially and organizationally, for an expansion, and may not even want to expand given the kinds of research and expert hiring it would have to undertake. However, in the fact of increasing globalization, it is impossible for a company, especially one in the hospitality industry, to stay afloat and even ahead of the competition, without globalizing in some way. Works Cited: 1. Cline, R. (2012). Hospitality Adjusts to Globalization. Arthur Andersen/Ideas and Trends. Retrieved from . -- Article chosen for paper. 2. Hodge, C. (2010). The connection between globalization and the hospitality industry. Helium. Retrieved from . 3. Shrivastava, S. (2012). How Globalization Influences the Hospitality Industry. Journal of Commerce and Behavioral Science 1(4). Retrieved from ......

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