Blew Dust Off of the Term Paper

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When my junior year came around, my psych teacher kept me after class one day.

Where are you thinking of applying for college?" she asked.

A haven't really thought about it," I replied.

She told me that UT Austin had a great psych program as well as opportunities for a rich, diverse campus life. Because social experiences were just as important to me as social studies, I quickly acquired the application essay for the University. I also visited the UT Austin web site and read more about the psychology department; the more I read the more I wanted to go. I believe my transcript speaks for itself.
I know I will contribute to the UT Austin community, through my academic and social work. At the University of Texas I intend to participate as fully as possible in campus life while at the same time performing detailed research and gleaning all I can from my coursework. Thank you for….....

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