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Gaius Octavius (Augustus)

Reformation of the Roman Empire under Augustus' Administration

Upon Julius Caesar's death in 44 BC, Gaius Octavius or Octavian ascended from being a senator to consul and eventually, in 29 BC, he became the emperor of the Roman Empire. Under his administration, social, cultural, and political reforms were implemented to restore Rome's glory after the political chaos that the empire had experienced over the past decade. The development of the Augustan Age, or more aptly called the Golden Age of Roman culture, vital social changes were created to deconstruct the existing structures and institutions that have always prevailed in Roman society.

In terms of political reform, the Augustan administration during this period has gradually shown flexibility in exercising the freedom of the civil society, as the power and influence of the monarchy had shown inconsistency in maintaining political stability and order in the Empire.
Under his administration, the number of Roman citizens had increased, reflecting the active role that civil society plays in the reformation of a new empire in Western civilization. As a bureaucracy, the empire also flourished in terms of providing social services to Roman citizens; furthermore, with the increase of government support for the citizens, there had been a gradual decline in the practice of slavery in Roman society. As economic prosperity had set in, social mobility developed, giving more opportunities for the lower class members of the society to aspire for a higher socio-economic class through hard work and more economic opportunities. In sum, the Augustan administration has brought about centralization of political authority to the emperor, increasing efficiency while at the same time encouraging corruption that often characterizes bureaucratic….....

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