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Funeral Home Marketing

How is market research used in a family-owned funeral home?

The primary manner in which family-owned funeral homes market now -- apart from family referrals, of course -- is over the Web. Many third party companies provide interactive web sites for professionals in the Death Care Industry. They also provide funeral home search engines, national obituary listings, and virtual memorials.

By creating a premier web presence, these companies provide Funeral Directors unprecedented flexibility and creates a national marketplace for showcasing their establishments.

Aside from providing professional interactive web sites, these Web-based companies market family-owned funeral homes throughout their entire family of web sites. This unique family of services puts your business in several different web listings and displays your information though a cluster of web sites and search engines.
Funeral Directors can also update their web site easily, anytime - in real time. This gives you the complete autonomy of your information (there is no waiting for your web designer to make updates). That is a key feature.

Market research is derived simply through cookies and other devices structured to allow the funeral home owner the knowledge of who is clicking on his Web site and who is purchasing services such that those very types of people can be targeted more effectively in the future.

2) How could marketing research be used in a family-owned funeral home?

The answer is a simple one: diversity.….....

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