Limits to Behavioral Freedom for Thesis

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This is only one of the implications that individuals are facing when it comes to these kinds of limits. Some people choose to ignore the limits that are placed on them if they feel that those limits are too restrictive. Others do not even recognize the limits that are placed on them and feel as though the limit-placer has no right to do so in the first place. Despite these things, however, it usually does not end well from an organizational standpoint for people who continue to 'break the rules.' Being fired is one of the implications of ignoring limits, and getting into trouble with the law can also be an implication of this. Usually people either leave of their own accord or are brought into line before any of this takes place, but that's not always the case.

For the people who ignore limits there are other problems, as well. Others in the organization often react negatively toward them. Some people may not care, but others are very sensitive to this type of treatment.
They want to be accepted, but not at the cost of being someone who they really are not - which is why they continue to ignore the limits that they have been given. The idea of ignoring limits is not a new one, but some organizations are still having trouble with it. This usually comes from people who are new to the organization and are not aware that there is a 'status quo' which they must follow. This becomes even more complex and difficult when one takes into account all of the unwritten rules that so many organizations live by. There might not be something explicitly written down, but certain things are just not acceptable. People who are new there can end up in the bad graces of other people very quickly for reasons that they do not completely comprehend, and that can be hard to correct because most people do not talk about it. This can be more difficult than being fired for behavior......

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