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This means that other aspects which could be affecting the mood of the individual (such as: a chemical imbalance) are overlooked. This is when the chances rise of some kind of misdiagnosis taking place. As a result, the strengths of this theory will provide everyone with a basic background. However, it cannot be applied to every situation involving patients. Instead, only select elements will offer a better understanding of human behavior. (Rider, 2012, pp. 39 -- 40) (Greene, 2009, pp. 31 -- 58)

The biggest strength of Roger's theory is that it is providing specific aspects of human behavior that will influence everyone's thoughts (i.e. The desire to move away from pain and into pleasure). This is occurring by feeling positive emotions such as love and companionship. During a clinical setting, this can help to explain human emotion and behavior from a certain basic point-of-view. This is when therapists can begin to understand the emotions surrounding what factors are influencing specific actions taken by patients. (Weiten, 2011, pp. 392 -- 393) (Greene, 2009, pp. 31 -- 58)

The largest weakness of this strategy is that it is taking too general of an approach by assuming that everyone is good. When is reality, there are negative feelings and emotions that will impact some individuals (i.e.
anti-social personality disorder). This means that these ideas must be used at select times with a certain amount of flexibility. These factors are showing how this theory can explain select elements of human behavior. Yet, they will often overlook specific situations that could affect the thoughts of the patient. (Weiten, 2011, pp. 392 -- 393) (Greene, 2009, pp. 31 -- 58)

What theory would be most beneficial in the treatment of psychological disorders.

The most effective theory would be Roger's client centered approach. The reason why, is because the therapist will play a role of indirectly steering the individual in directions that will support more empowering thoughts. This is taking place, as the individual will have a chance to reflect and think about who they are. Once this occurs, is when they will begin to live up to the higher standards that they set for themselves. This is different from Freud's theory which has everything associated with: sex, dreams and not fulfilling a certain stage from childhood. While this may influence some people, these ideas do not explain other factors that will impact….....

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