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Free Speech and the Internet

With great power comes great responsibility, and to much is given, much is expected. These two proverbs, one from a recent film that is the most recent to reference it, and the latter, from the book of Proverbs in the Bible, needs to form the catalyst of free speech policy definition and implementation throughout the Internet. While unbridled, unlimited freedom is the catalyst of chaos, the same is true for intensive levels of monitoring and the continual censure of freedoms in society today. The best approach to freedom of speech on the Internet needs to balance the needs of individuals for protection of their privacy and their personal, civil rights.

Why Free Speech Needs To Be The Cornerstone

There are no more precious freedoms than those that underscore and support the free exchange of ideas, concepts and opinions.
This is a right of all humans to share what they think and how they perceive the world. The Internet needs to stay open and underscore the freedom of speech that many of the world's best democracies have been founded on.

Yet paradoxically the most free countries also must have frameworks and guidelines in place to also protect the rights of the individual as well. The same is true with freedom of speech on the Internet as well. There must be a focus on how to also ensure that each individual's identity, reputation and the laws they hold as their own are not attacked on the Internet. The Internet cannot be completely open and unmoderated or it will turn into a chaotic place where the loudest,….....

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