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When Carrie expressed to Charles that he was conquest number thirty two, it was one of Scheflen's indicators of sexual intent were of a qualified nature or negated by opposing behaviors. This type of courtship behaviors that she exhibited was in an inappropriate context, however, it showed a teasing interest.

In the opinion of this author, the level of Scheflen's stages that Carrie and Charles reached was obviously invitation, particularly when Carrie shows up at Charles' wedding and this causes him to blow the wedding ceremony by admitting his infatuation with her ("Human nonverbal courtship," 2011).

The gender differences were those normally noted by psychologists such as Scheflen noted are displayed. In such instances, women usually use behaviors such as intimate gazing, touching, smiling, and self-grooming while men used intimate touching. Carrie was atypical in that many women initiate intimate touching only after marriage while men usually do it before the marriage takes place during the act of courtship (ibid.


In this short essay, the author has detailed aspects of the film Four Weddings and a Funeral starring Hugh Grant as Charles and Andie McDowell as Carrie. In the film, their characters pulled off a passionate love affair which was the main focus of the paper. The courtship rituals between Charles and Carrie were analyzed against Scheflen's Stages of Courtship and the two definitely used the stages. Indeed, the interesting thing was that the two used the social events of weddings and the funeral to flirt in a socially acceptable way and to pick up an intimate partner, even if just for one night.


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