Forest Ecosystem Sustainability and Conservation Term Paper

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However even if they are readily available with time the reserves will be depleted and this will pose as a challenge not only to the forest ecosystem but also the energy demands. On the other hand the use of renewable source of energy is beneficial since they are environmental friendly. The renewable energy sources also have some risks such as the use of hydro projects can affect forest ecosystems if their impacts are not mitigated.

3) Species extinction

In the forest ecosystems plants and animals are increasingly extinct in the present times. This can be attributed to both natural and man-made reasons. The major cause of this extinction is the destruction of the forest ecosystem for instance through clearing of forest land for cultivation, urbanization or harvest wood. This will lead to shrinking of habitats for both animals and plants in the ecosystem (Hogan, 2010), The existence of biodiversity is very important in a community .if there is more biodiversity it means that future generations will enjoy this biodiversity but if there is less it means that they will not have a chance of seeing some species that were in existence.
4) Alternative energy resources

There are various ways that the government can encourage the use of alternative energy resources that will not deplete the forest ecosystem. Renewable sources of energy are still developing technologically and therefore they have cost structures that range from upfront costs that are high and operational costs. The government can offer financial incentives for manufacturing, purchasing as well as the installation of the alternative systems of energy source. This will encourage people to venture into this alternative energy sources. The use of these resources will have an impact on the economic and social environment. On the economy more and more people will venture into the alternative system. The society will have found a solution to pollution problems from nonrenewable energy sources.


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