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The condition in which meat is produced in the United States is appalling and makes me consider the choices I have made as a consumer. Some of the most disturbing aspects of the meat industry -- chicken and beef -- where the inhumane conditions that the animals bred for consumption were kept under. The scene that made me reconsider my meat choices was not any of the beef being slaughtered or meat being processed for hamburgers, but rather the scene in which a cow had a plug inserted into its side that allowed a person to look directly into it while it was still alive.

One of the most shocking aspects of Food, Inc. (2008) was the control that Monsanto has over farmers and veggie libel laws. It is appalling that Monsanto is more concerned with making a profit than the well being of the public and also the well being of the world as they have also disrupted food production on a global scale.
Furthermore, it is appalling to see how Monsanto uses their power and coerces people into working for them or forces them out of business if they do not.

While Film, Inc. (2008) contends that change in the food industry is possible if consumers demand change and change their consumption habits, I think that farmers also need to unite to change the industry and not let themselves be pushed around by these big companies. If the relationship between companies like Monsanto and farmers does not change, I fear that there will be a revolution akin to what Marx advocated in the Communist Manifesto (1848). I believe that farmers should own and control the commodities they slave to produce for these major companies and for the public.


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