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I was expecting it to simply attack the way things are done today and make them sound horrible, without focusing on why they are truly bad or actually making people think about what they are eating. Those kinds of tactics are often used, but they rarely get results because people only see someone (or a group of people) being argumentative. Instead, people need to be presented with valid opinions and logical arguments so they can form their own correct opinions regarding what is factual and what is important to them. This documentary provided the opportunity for people who watched it to do that, and felt less like it had a specific agenda than many documentaries do when they are provided to the public.

The main question the documentary raised for me was how to fix the problem. The documentary did a very good job of showing why the current system is bad, but it failed to address how to fix the system or change it in such a way that the world could still be fed. If there are no solutions to the problem that are logical and that will work, there is no point in trying to change things, even if the current situation is not the best one. I also wondered what affect other types of farming have (if any) on the environment and the food supply.
These can be options like community gardens, people growing and raising the own food, and organic farmers that sell meat, grain, or vegetables that do not use the large-scale, factory farming methods. Overall, though, I agreed with the information presented in the documentary. Factory farming is harming the environment, and the animals are mistreated. They are also given too many chemicals to ward off infection and other diseases due to their living arrangements, and those chemicals end up in the food we eat. That cannot be healthy, but I do not see how it can be stopped, either......

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