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Family Assessment

Oral Case Presentation/Family Assessment

Identifying Information and Presenting Issues

The family presents as a mother, her 4-year-old daughter and the mother's partner. The mother is Liz Rochaleau who was recently divorced and moved into a new situation with her daughter Jackie. Liz's partners name is Katie. The couple has only been living together for a short period of time, and during that interval Katie has been having issues at daycare. She seems tired, withdrawn and sometimes he clothing is unkempt.

Pre-engagement Process

Read the entire case file, look into research on similar cases, find out all of the people who could possibly shed some light on the case, and make sure and understand all of the regulations and ethical entanglements that could be involved.


The family needs to be approached carefully for two reasons. First Liz is a recently divorced mother who may not react well to having her parenting skills questioned. She may be aggressive because unless the social worker approaches her carefully, stating that this is just an assessment, she may feel like she is being attacked. Secondly, this is a gay couple, and they may feel defensive based in that fact also. The social worker needs to demonstrate openness, caring and respect from the very first moment in order to build rapport.

Assessment of Family System

Family Structure: The family consists if a mother, her daughter, and the mother's partner. The child's father has visitation rights.

Family Functioning: This is an assessment of how the different members of the family interact with one another.
The mother obviously cares for her daughter, but she seems to be depressed herself. Liz and Katie seem to get along very well, but there is some obvious latent animosity from Jackie toward Katie. The primary boundaries that exist are within the family group. Since he is also involved in the life of his daughter, the father has to be included in this dynamic, and as the primary subsystem. Decision making for the family comes primarily from Katie. At this time, Liz is seems to be having issues with her ex-husband, and this makes it difficult for her to act in a proper parenting role. Jackie does not accept Katie's parenting, so Jackie is often on her own. Communication is also a problem between the mother and the daughter. Jackie is lost because of the new situation, and does not seem willing to talk to her mother. There is almost no communication between Jackie and Katie. The intergenerational aspects are the entire problem. Jackie does not feel a part of the new family. She still seems to be grieving the loss of the family she had grown up with.

Family Life Cycle Adjustments: The primary issue here is that Jackie is at an age where she is between developmental stages. She is leaving dependency and trying to establish herself as an individual (Cherry, 2008). She also probably feels that she has no control over her environment at a time when she needs to establish that control.

Social Environment: The family is having a difficult time making ends….....

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