Fahrenheit 451 the "Sieve and Essay

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The second crucial element missing from society, in Faber's explanation, is the leisure time among citizens to critically analyze or even think at all about any meaningful information they should come across in their lives. Because the government has become so successful at capturing their attention in simple forms of entertainment, people lack the necessary motivation to take time away from those enjoyable pursuits to learn about any quality information that happens to come their way. Even if they were to hear intellectually stimulating ideas, they would probably not remember it, or they might remember it superficially but never actually use that information for anything important.
The third element missing from society, according to Faber, are the rights of citizens. Without basic rights, even if people were to accumulate meaningful information about the truth or learn to think critically and to question the actions and policies of the government, they would be powerless to use any of their knowledge or their critical reasoning skills to achieve any changes in society. The penalties of punishment or incineration would prevent people who knew the truth from doing anything about it because, much like Granger, they would be too afraid of the consequences of opposing the….....

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