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Dinosaurs Became Extinct

Why Dinosaurs Became Extinct

There are many possible explanations for the extinction of dinosaurs, and scientists have proposed many theories regarding their demise. One of the most common theories is that an asteroid from outer space collided with the earth about 65 million years ago. If a large asteroid had collided with the earth in this manner, then it is believed that such a cloud of dust would have entered the air that the sunlight would be unable to penetrate the dust cloud.

Therefore, all of the plants and animals would die, because the entire ecosystem on earth depends on the sunlight to provide warmth and energy.
Without the sun, plants would be unable to produce their own food through photosynthesis, and they would die. Without plants, the herbivores would have no food supply and also perish. As a result, even the carnivores that ate other animals would have no food, as all of their food sources would disappear. (It is also believed that excessive volcanic activity may have caused a similar dust cloud that would have….....

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