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With my mother working, I had no transportation to get to activities. I could not do any kind of volunteer work. However, there were things I could do right at school. I had had to work very hard to learn English, so I knew what it meant to struggle. I tutored friends in subjects I did very well in, math and science. In return, these friends were able to give me a ride home.

I would be the first to admit that helping friends study is not as impressive a contribution to society as working for the Red Cross, or at an animal shelter, or some other things my classmates were able to do. However, as my mother said, I played the hand I was dealt, and I believe I contributed to the small community that was my high school in this way. In addition, helping others with these studies brought home to me that most people face some sort of struggle.
I had to deal with Tourette's, and a new language, and limited opportunities in high school, and the ongoing fact that my family could not live together. But at the same time I know other students my age have faced similar difficulties. Some came from broken homes, or were very poor, or had a learning disability and struggled to get through school.

I am certain that my classmates' struggles have made them better people just as I think what I have had to overcome has made me a better person. I feel particularly blessed that I was able to come back to America and get to know the land of my birth. I am fortunate to have the insights and wisdom of two great cultures and countries as I face the….....

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