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Today I am here to say a few words about a woman who by her very existence has taught all of us the value of risk. In the course of life, we meet people who on the surface seem very different from us but they are inherently similar. My life was irrevocable changed through my contact with Nadi. Unfortunately, her life was also change by meeting me. I am sorrowed by the direction the course of events took but I cannot escape the realty that her life was truly meaningful to me. Nadi may appear to be a simple woman but she was very complex. She showed me that despite personal challenges and weaknesses the dream born in our heart never dies. I understand now more fully that dreams can change who we are and the ways in which we shape our world.

Nadi was a dutiful wife, and mother and she will be sorely missed. I often wonder if we had more time would we have been enduring friends. I came to know her in ways that helped me to understand myself. Nadi, when I needed someone to listen you came to my aid, even though you could not completely understand my concerns, fears, or challenges you came. Your willingness to be my lighthouse in the murky waters gave me hope. I remember telling you about the house I grew up in that same house that my father gave to me.
That place that was the only thing that made me feel like I belonged; the place I needed to survive was taken from me. You tried to understand me, thinking at the time it was about immigration concerns sad but true, and today dare I say a little funny. However, it was you and your way and reassured me that I was a nice person or rather girl. In all of the confusion, your concern was for that of your family your reason for being. For letting me see this part of you, I am forever grateful.

I now know that that there are some people that enter your life and you never want them to leave but when they do, you know you are better for having been a part of their lives. You have taught me much about life, love, and loyalty. You gave up self for the greater good; you became blind to….....

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