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You do not have to belong to a certain kind of people to talk and to understand Chelsea, considering that she manages to make anyone feel at ease, regardless of their background or of their particularity. Although this girl kindly divides herself so that she provides everyone with equal attention, she is especially concerned about making life easier for her loved ones. Her mother, her brother, her friends and boyfriend can all confess that Chelsea is a unique person, one that changed their life in a positive way.

Surely, it is surprising how someone can be as strong and loving as Chelsea, above all given that she also came across difficult moments during her life. Since her father was not always there to assist her and her family, she realized that it was up to her to keep the morale of her loved ones high. People have to understand that in spite of the dedication she puts across in her relationship with those close to her, she is essentially human.
Her normality is the very thing that makes people observe her uniqueness.

In addition to being supportive toward her acquaintances, she also has time for herself. Her love to travel and to show her admiration for everything connected to Italy, Italian language, and Italian culture becomes obvious once you get to spend some time with Chelsea. Even with her desire to travel, her home will always be the West, given that this is the location holding most of her favorite places, people, and memories......

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