Ethnic Diversity Term Paper

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Enhancing Ethnic Diversity at a Big Ten University Through Project TEAM" by Christine I. Bennett covers an instructional program called Project Transformative Education Achievement Model (TEAM) is used to increase ethic diversity at a Big Ten University (Indiana University), which has a predominately white student base. The author discusses how minorities are under represented as teachers across the nation, and this matches their lower rates for completing high school and college than their white counterparts. Since the 1980s, many programs to encourage and support minorities in their quest for higher education have been created, and many of these programs were geared specifically to encouraging minorities to become educators. Specifically, Project TEAM began in 1996, and this is a discussion of its application at Indiana University, and its success. The Project TEAM recruitment and scholarship program seems to have increased minority enrollment in education at the Bloomington Campus, and the graduation rate is 92%, with 80% of those graduates teaching in public schools. Because of the success at the Bloomington Campus, the program has spread to the….....

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