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Constructivism is based in a socio-political framework and must be interpreted according to the specific moral proclamations that pervade the minds of the inhabitants of a nation and also the leaders who put forth such laws. Social constructivists would argue that the Kashmiri people have endured a painful history full of bloodshed due to international conflicts. The formation of Kashmir as an independent nation has yet to come, but is possible if leaders from India, china, and Pakistan concur that the Kashmiri people should determine the fate of the region instead of the continual violent conflicts that persist. This dilemma prohibits the possibility of federalism.

Federalism is a means of erecting a singular government with power sharing at the regional and national level. Currently, Kashmir is not a self-sustaining nation with a functional government structure. India, which controls one region of Kashmir, has the most input and is on constant conflict with Pakistan over full ownership of the entire territory.
At the same time, China, insists that the upper northwest corner, which constitutes 15% of the region, is really an extension of China controlled Tibet. Such conflicts can only be resolved if the United Nations involves a peacekeeping mission and sits with the leaders of China, India, Pakistan, and the Kashmiri people and find a common resolution to forming a government structure where each region of either divided up or the Kashmiri people declare independence. The absence of such measures necessarily implies continued conflict and the improbability of the application of federalism in Kashmir.

In conclusion, the Kashmir conflict continues to this day due to the lack of cohesiveness of leaders in India, China, Pakistan, and the….....

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