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His friends are likely to be supportive of his idea, no matter how good or bad it is. Brian needs a less biased set of individuals to act as a feedback wall. Bounding ideas off of just his friends is a significant error that is filling Brian with enthusiasm that he probably should not have.

3. If Brian is serious about investigating this opportunity, I would recommend that he take the following steps. The first is that he needs to do some proper market research. He needs to know the real demand in the marketplace for this product. He is correct that the market will easily understand his concept, and this means that when he begins his research he will receive accurate feedback with respect to the viability of the idea. He should come out of his research phase with an understanding of the potential market and some demographic data that can help him to pinpoint his target market(s).

The second step for Brian is to receive proper costing information from his suppliers.
He will need this when he creates a prospective budget. Brian needs to understand how much CDs will cost, what sort of attrition rate he can expect, and what shipping costs will be. With this costing information and the market information gathered in the first step, Brian will be able to produce a prospective budget.

The third step for Brian is to analyze the budget conduct a sensitivity analysis on the budget. He will need to assume for lower than expected sales/customers, higher than expected costs, or slower market penetration. If the project is still viable even under the more negative scenarios, then he should pursue it. At present, Brian's assessment of the project's viability is based on his rather optimistic view. It is recommended that he takes a more realistic, skeptical outlook and if the project still looks great even under those circumstances, then he should consider it......

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