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This allows access to the WAN resources over the Internet. It entails secure access to HHSC resources applying encryption. This enhances the security by regulating the protocols that the workstations can access. It has regulatory access to the applications to which the employee is not authorized. (DIR Wide Area Network (WAN) Operations) Each of the TCP/IP network requires a unique IP address. An IP address is a 32-bit number that specifically identifies a network interface on a machine. The IP address constitutes some decimal digits.

It is formatted in forms of four 8-bit fields demarcated by periods. Such form of representations of IP address is sometimes referred to dotted decimal format. The IP address is dived into two categories -- the network part and the host part. The network part indicates the specified number assigned to the specific network. This also assists in identifying the class of the network assigned. The host part of the IP address specifically identifies each host on the network. It is to be noted that the network part of the address remains the same for each host on the network however the host part of the IP address is required to be different.
(IP Addressing Scheme)

The Routing protocol makes it possible the exchange of routing information between networks, permitting routers to generate routing tables dynamically. The traditional IP routing continues to be simple since it utilized next-hop routing where the router simply requires considering where it sends the packet and does not require considering the subsequent path of the packet on the remaining hops. The company requires an Exterior Gateway Protocols so as to route between separate autonomous systems such as Border Gateway Protocol or BGPv4. (Routing)


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