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The word layer is a figurative one in this case, as layers generally refer to more concrete items as in layers of cake or clothing. Similarly, the question about where the tree house landed is also an abstract one. The author never spells out exactly where the tree house landed. That information must be inferred from the text and places an extra burden on the ELL. Ms. Smith asks Elsa why the chapter is titled "Yikes!" when "Yikes!" is a slang word that is rarely used in the spoken language.

To foster Elsa's overall literacy development, Ms. Smith should consider the specific issues raised by this case study. A text like this one using past participle verb forms should be read aloud for better comprehension. Ms. Smith might also consider the advice offered by Lucas et al. (2008) to emphasize "communicative competence over formal accuracy.
" Because Elsa thrives in social environments, implementing more peer study groups would help all ELLs. Peers can serve as valuable scaffolding, or they can help create the supportive environment Elsa needs to thrive. Research demonstrates the importance of social interaction (Lucas et al. 2008). Similarly, Ms. Smith should consider integrating more oral study to supplement texts.

Ms. Smith should understand that Elsa's reading literacy skills might develop more slowly than that of her native English-speaking peers. Elsa's reading skills might lag behind her conversational skills. This should not trouble Ms. Smith, as it will in no way impact Elsa's ability to excel in the classroom.


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