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Engineering Specialization Management

The rapid evolution of computer networking is completely redefining the role of computer and system engineering within companies globally, in addition to making the management of these systems critical for long-term success. Management Information Systems as a field is rapidly expanding due in large part to the need of enterprises to integrate their many of their legacy systems, many of them built in-house, with new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems (Wyckoff, 1997). Combined spending on all of these technologies and supporting services is $57B in 20121 growing to $72B in 2015 (Buckley, 2009).

Interest in Computer Science and Management Information Systems

I was fortunate to discover my natural abilities early in my academic career, excelling at chemistry, math, science and operations research, in addition tot the ability to learn compute languages quickly. Being able to quickly categorize different components or segments of code, and then define a series of problems that could be solved, appeals to me and also motivates me to learn more about how programming languages work. One of the most fascinating aspects of the growth of this area has been the continued refinement of collaboration-based technologies and their specific requirement in terms of programming expertise (Buckley, 2009). The ability to program an entire network is fascinating to me. Since the development of socially-aware and socially integrated applications over ten years ago, programming languages including Python (Wyckoff, 1997) continue to fascinate me and motivate me to learn even more about programming.
Over time my interest in programming has also led to a growing fascination with Management of Information Systems (MIS) as well. I can see how there is a need for better management of entire networks now that socially-based programming is dominating the programming language landscape. There needs to be an overarching framework for better managing these many languages and applications being produced. That is why MIS interests me so much.

Learning Beyond Curriculum

I'm passionate about how IT technologies can be used to make enterprises more efficient and capable of attaining their goals. My transitioning from programming to MIS is predicated on the need I see for a much broader, all-encompassing strategy for enterprises to get the full value of the applications they are creating.

Computer Science gave me the necessary foundation for creating state-of-the-art software, many of which can be used for diagnosing health conditions and making the lives of people much more productive and pleasant. Computer science's core concepts can easily be used to create applications that energy entire supply chains, electrical girds across a country, and create unified telecommunications networks as well. All of these benefits accrue from software that is excellently designed.

As I learned more about computer science, I kept looking at the broader scope of how these applications could all be coordinated….....

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