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Energy is an essential force powering society, industry and in the end our everyday lives. Generally, energy sources can be classified as non-renewable and renewable sources. Non-renewable energy sources are those that can not be replenished or made again in a short period of time. Renewable energy sources on the other hand can be replenished in a short period of time (Energy sources, 2011).

There are three main sources of energy -- Nuclear Energy, Fossil Energy and Alternative Energy. Nuclear power is a form of energy which comes about from a reaction between atomic nuclei. The majority of this form of energy comes out of nuclear fission. This is the process by which atomic nuclei which are made up of neutrons and protons, collide with each other and fall apart. The energy which kept these parts together is no longer needed and comes free. This energy is then used to heat up water which turns into steam which is then used to create electricity. One advantage of nuclear power is that very little raw material is needed to make a lot of electric energy.
A very big disadvantage is that the raw material for nuclear power, uranium, is very radio-active and the rods and other used materials remain radio-active for a very long time (Energy sources, n.d.).

Fossil energy is made by the burning of fossil remains which are the remains of dead plants and animals. These plants and animals died over a million years ago and under the pressure of the earth's surface and by way of decay, have been compressed. When fossil fuels are burned the process generates steam which is used to power a turbine that with the help of a generator, produces electricity. Fossil fuels include such things as oil, natural gas and coal. One advantage of fossil energy is that it is inexpensive to produce the energy from these raw materials. One disadvantage is that during the process of combustion a lot of toxic materials are emitted into the air which leads to pollution of the atmosphere. Another disadvantage of fossil energy is that the supply of fossil fuels is not infinite, the current supply is thought to be about fifty years….....

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