Employment Laws Research Paper

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Employment Laws

The purpose of this research report is to find out the employment laws which are most important to be considered for a Human Resource Department. This research also aims to provide the solutions to avoid the litigation in hiring and firing processes.

The role of a Vice President in the HR department brings along a number of responsibilities. One of the most important is to make sure that all the employment laws which are in place must be monitored properly in order to run the organization smoothly. In my organization I consider the laws related to the working hours as most important amongst all the employment laws. The maximum working hour time for an employee should not exceed 48 hours in a day. Apart from this, an employee cannot work more than 11 hours straight without taking a break. An employee is not allowed to work for seven days a week he must take one day off. Employment laws related to working hours are crucial to increase the productivity of the organization as the health of the employees must be taken into consideration. It is important that the employees maintain a healthy work life balance.

The employment discrimination laws will also be monitored closely. Steps will be taken in order to make sure that there isn't any kind of discrimination in any process of the organization. This applies to all kinds of discrimination including sex, pregnancy, age, origin, race, and religion. The organization has obtained a zero tolerance policy in employee discrimination cases. The organization has policies and procedures which are present just to solve these issues.
Employees are encouraged to raise their voice against any unfair practices in the organization. (Cases and Materials on Employment Laws, 1987) Discrimination is one such issue that can demoralize the whole workforce and can start a rift within the organization and can result into grouping within the organization which can hamper the overall productivity. The Human Resource Vice President is a crucial position in an organization; he has to manage all the provisions of the service of the HR department and design program and policies for the entire organization. (Clyde W. Summers, 2002)

The major areas include:


Employee Services




Organizational Development

Compensation administration

Employee Relations



Employee Safety

The primary objectives of this position are:

Development of a better workforce

Development of the HR department

Safety at the workplace

Personal Development

Continuous Improvement in processes

Often the job description is not detailed and that causes confusion for the employees. The employees have often filed a case against the employer for assigning jobs which were not a part of the job description In order to avoid that the job description should be well documented and well communicated. In this way the employee cannot file a lawsuit against the employer because everything has been mentioned in the job description and is well documented and managed.

The most important function of the HR department is Recruitment. Hiring and Firing are interlinked in a way. If the right people have been hired in the first….....

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