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Employment Law Compliance Plan

Atwood and Allen Counsulting

The Payday Law of Texas

The Compensation Act of Workers of Texas

The Minimum Wage Law of Texas

The Law of Texas on Employment Discrimination

The Employment Law Compliance Plan

Claims of disability, age, sex and race discrimination and employment discrimination litigation are the factors included in employment laws. From hiring through termination, in all aspects of the employment relationship the counseling of employers is another large component which is included in an employment law practice (Weiler, 1990). To enforce non-competition agreements the suits, misappropriation of trade secrets involved in cases, hour and wage cases are the other types of employment litigation.

In innovation and business development, Atwood and Allen Consulting is one of the leaders and its team is the reason behind its success. For one of our clients, whose name is Bradley Stonefield, I with my team will develop an employment law compliance plan. Providing first-class transportation is the main focus of Mr. Bradley, and he is planning to open a limousine service in Austin, Texas. The service is going to be known as Landslide Limousines.

Within the 1st year, his goal is to retain twenty five employees. To develop an employment law compliance plan, I with my team will research applicable employment laws in Austin, Texas.


The Payday Law of Texas

For public employers, like, the political subdivision of the state, the state or the federal government, all the business entities of Texas are covered with the Payday Law of Texas regardless of size. Under a written agreement the certain fringe due benefits, in accordance to the agreement between two parties the bonuses and commissions, and compensation for rendered services are the kinds of payments that are included in the Payday Law of Texas. In case of violation of this law, a thousand dollar fine is charged.
Notices related to the distribution timing of paychecks must be posted conspicuously by the employers. Except for court-ordered deductions and garnishments required by law and payroll taxes, this law is applied to all deductions from paychecks (Reynolds, 2007). To make the deduction, a written authorization must be obtained from the employee. A separate policy about overpayments and deductions must be maintained by the organization and the policy must be acknowledged in writing by the employees.

The Compensation Act of Workers of Texas

For employees who miss work due to on-the-job injuries the wages are replaced by the compensation systems of the workers of Texas. For negligence, the employee if free to sue in case if an employer does opt out (Sullivan, 1988). However, there is no limit on collection if the negligence is proved by the employees. Important common-law defenses are lost by employers in case if they opt out.

All the new notices related to the medical care are required to be posted in the workplace by the employers. Within eight days of learning that a work-related disease has been contracted by an employee, work-related deaths, any injury that require one day off by the employee, the compensation insurance carrier of the workers must be notified. In order to benefit from the new intoxication presumption, an alcohol and drug-screening procedure must also be created by the employer. With the insurance attorney and carrier, any reasonable accommodations and unpaid leave, like, intermittent leave or light-duty work, must be coordinated by the HR professionals, since employees injured at work, under the FMLA, might also have a serious medical condition covered or under the ADA might be disabled.

The Minimum Wage Law of Texas

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