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Elder Interview


Place of Meeting: In the elder house.

Identify one communication barrier: The participant indicated that she has suffered two strokes in recent years. Although her speech is clear, she did indicate that at times she has difficulty remembering and that I may need to give her time to fully understand a question.

Describe your perspective of the client's response to the interview: I was happy that she was so alert and receptive to helping me with this project.

State any practical pointers you utilized when communicating with your client: I explained the basis for the interview, thanking her for her time. I spoke slowly and asked for her understanding after every few sentences so that I could gauge how well she comprehended the questions and also establish the best pace for conducting the interview.


What is your first memory from your childhood? I grew up in Mississippi in the 50s. My mother took in laundry when I was a child.
I always remember sheets blowing in the wind while I ran and played outside with my sisters and brothers.

2. What is your most vivid historical memory? I remember the day schools were desegregated. That was a big deal. Some people were angry, others were happy. I will never forget it.

3. What did your parents make you do that you hated doing? I was the oldest so I had to watch my 7 sisters and 2 brothers all the time. I never got a break from helping with the little ones.

4. What did you use to do in the evening? My father played guitar so we would clean up after dinner and listen to him play and sing. We finally got….....

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