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I believe today I did everything right, because I had no gauze or bandages for the seriously injured person and had no medical training.

When I was in high school, my parents were involved in an accident, and someone tried to pull my mom out of the driver's seat when the steering wheel was actually pressed against her chest. That was a mistake, because it caused more bleeding and deeper injuries to her ribs. It is clear that when a good Samaritan stops to help an injured person, it's best to let the profession paramedics (which I plan on becoming) handle those delicate chores. Comforting the injured with positive, empathetic body language and directing traffic is about all a layperson should try to do.

In conclusion, a reader doesn't realize how little he or she knows about the power of nonverbal communication until delving seriously into the literature. The fact that 70% of what humans communicate is conveyed using facial expressions and other aspects of body language comes as a shock, but maybe it is a wake-up call for alert readers in terms of the impressions made to others vis-a-vis body language.
It is also pertinent and useful to know not to stand too closely to a person when speaking, and certainly it is wise to avoid: inappropriate "intimate" stares; rubbing one's eyes in a conversation; using poor body posture when in a conversation; and making cultural or racial judgments and having those emotions shown through inappropriate body language.

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