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Online health, well-being and fitness

Since every American seems to be more aware of the dangers involved in unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise, more people are now in search of the solutions to unhealthy living and trying to get into fitness centers to keep away the possibilities of having to suffer complications like diabetes and even heart attacks. Our organization which is basically a fitness center will hence try to venture further into online health and fitness. This will benefit the people who are far away from the established fitness center that we have and still need the knowledge, advice and experience of how to stay healthy. This has prompted the establishment of a website that will be interactive in nature. This will form the platform for the sale of the company's customized fitness routine to clients after knowing health details of the client. It will also be used to advice the clients on the type of diet that they should be on for them to remain fit. The website page will also be used to update the clients on the schedules of the rotary fitness clinics that the company will be conducting hence they can register hence will be instrumental in relationship management at an affordable cost. In terms of the supply chain management, the website will allow clients to place orders for the products they need as advised by the organization and hence act as a link for the company to get sales.
The resource planning will also be objective and targeted since there will be allocation of resources to confirmed events or orders as shall have been confirmed on the website hence reduce wastage (Anne T, 2011). Generally the business process will be made faster through the website as….....

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