Ecology of a Cracker Childhood Term Paper

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Although they live poorly, among junk cast off by others, these 'crackers' also live at one with the forest. The "clearcuts" refer to specific greenery from natural world, but also to the fact that "my" peoples' status in the South is clear cut, and thus the people have a certain honesty about them, in their relationships with one another as well as with outsiders who look down on them. The fact that the authoress refers to a "cracker" childhood also suggests that it is her childhood, among such 'trailer' people of the pines, that will be a touchstone of the book, specifically her childhood's relationship to the natural world of the wildlife and the ecology of south Georgia.The simple beauty present in south Georgia that is lost to other regions is suggested by the reference to how these people dwell amongst lost forests -- lost to others, lost like the purity of the original creation, found at what seems like the ends of the earth, because it is so removed from common civilization and polite society.

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