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Wollstonecraft calls for equality among men, rather than inequality based on money, privilege and being wellborn. Again the duality of power and oppression is spoken of with zeal as Wollstonecraft goes on to pick apart all of the institutions that so many hold dear by virtue of false assumptions and tradition.

There is really no conflict that has been more detailed and railed against than the duality of power and oppression and yet this duality reinvents itself over and over in the culture of man, with the powerful claiming superior knowledge and the oppressed being taught the rhetoric that supports it. In Swift's comical economic writing about the need to find an economic solution for a human problem as well as in Wollstonecraft's assassination of faulty and self-aggrandizing power mongering there is clear demonstration of this duality as it appears in their context and by their observations.
Each of these writers brings to the page, a different tactic for the assassination of long held assumptions about power and privilege and how useless it is as a mark of humanity, even though it is utilized over and over again as the only "right" way to resolve problems but more importantly to maintain itself.

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